Photo Gallery

1st Pony "Smoky"

Tina's not afraid of farm work

Smoky and Tina in the Patio where we did not belong.
I would get in big trouble when I would lock him in my bedroom. HAHA!

Smoky and Tina

Johnny and Tina, Good Balance!

Johnny and Tina jumping with no saddle, what else is new

Johnny and Tina, No Hands!

Horse show with my pony Johnny and my Dad

Hippy and Tina, taking a nap

Cortez Kneeling with Tina

Dad with Cortez. Lusitano Stallion

Dad and Tina's brother Randy with Xerial, Lusitano Stallion

Dad with the Ringling Big Top behind

Dad and Tina

Justice, Tina and the Yogi in Germany

Kroongraff and Tina in Germany

My own dog and pony show! Sammy, Panda & Ricky

Anouska and her foal, Bently 2002

Ruben and Tina, Mirabella Magazine

Ruben and Tina at play

Ruben, Woodstock VT

Dad shipping horses from Europe

Kroongraff and Tina age 7 Germany

Anouska, my first dressage horse. I have owned her 23 years.
She is 26 years old and still travels with me from FL to CT

Anouska and Tina in Wellington, FL
Mary Phelps photo credit

Anna Karenina, Passage, Wellington, FL
Mary Phelps photo credit

Devon, Horse Show
Mary Phelps photo credit

Ruben, Devon Horse Show

Ruben Piaffe
Mary Phelps photo credit

Ruben in Saratoga

Ruben and Tina, Madison Square Garden

Anna Karenina and Tina

Kroongraff in Germany

Liberty training in Germany

Breast Cancer Benefit

Painted Liberty

Fire Eye Liberty

Liberty at the Breast Cancer Benefit

International Polo Breast Cancer Benefit

Liberty and Rainier

Liberty and Rainier, Cancer Benefit

Katherine and Tina. Liberty and Rainier

Katherine Batson to match her horse Rainier

Tina and her dogs in FL

Panda is too cute...

Anouska and Tina, vet check at horse show